10 Tips for New Instagram Users Pt. 2

Instagram: 10 Tips for New Instagram Users Pt. 2 

  Part 2

Instagram is one of the top social media sites in the world. It has more than a billion accounts, and it continually welcomes new users.  Here are some more tips in order to take advantage of Instagram, and start growing you followers & increase your engagement.

6. Post at the Right TIme

For you to have the best Instagram strategy and results, you have to see when your users tend to have the most activity on the platform. For companies, it’s a good idea to post in the middle of the week towards the end of Wednesday, at around 6 PM. However, it depends on what type of content you share and who is that content with. For others, it may be a good idea to post at 9 PM each day. Make sure to check your best post using Instagram Analytics which shows when the most interaction happened.

7. Share a Teaser

One of the coolest ways to add more interaction with the viewers is to share a teaser and ask them what you are preparing to share a bit later. Most people like the idea of guessing stuff like this, and it just makes the entire process of guessing what you’re preparing for them a lot more exciting. It doesn’t have to be very complicated, nor does it have to be simple. But you do have to come up with some beautiful and distinct ideas if you can. As long as you do that, the return on investment will be better, so try to consider that if you can.

8. Encourage viewers to share their own 

It’s always a good idea to encourage your viewers to create content that you will eventually share yourself. This way you will generate more engagement and people will be interested in the content you want to share. It’s certainly a good idea to take your time and study all the potential options as much as you can with things like this. It can be fascinating, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges too. So do try to push the boundaries as you come up with challenges for viewers.

It’s important to note that this will offer you free content to post once in a while. And it also shows the audience that you actively care about them and what they want to say or share. While you do need to browse quite a lot of submissions, in the end, it will work quite nicely for your profile!

9. Use the explorer tab to find new content

When you are new to Instagram, it can be hard to find your way through so much content. That’s why it can be a good idea just to see where the platform gets you. It can be one of the most helpful ways for you to find and share stuff. And it does go to show that you can find lots of cool stuff without actively looking for it. Sometimes you can end up finding the type of content you want without spending too much time on it. Which is why exploring Instagram this way is very fun and interesting.

As you can see, there are lots of great ideas Instagram newcomers can use right now. This Instagram guide was just a quick introduction to the platform and what you can do to get more views for your content. Don’t rush into trying to get the most views out there. Instagram is all about fun, excitement and viewer engagement. If you post good content, people will come to your profile and check it out often. All you have to do is to give the platform a shot and use it adequately!

10. Add Stickers

Stickers can actively help you make your content more fun and exciting. Most of the time it can be quite tricky to find good stickers for you to use. But for the most part, you will notice that Instagram does have a plethora of helpful stickers that look great and which are super adaptable to your own needs. Hats and emojis or slogans are only a few of the many stickers you can use on Instagram. Of course, you don’t have to use these at all if you dislike the idea. But it’s still important to try and become as creative as you can with stuff like this. You never know when you can find the perfect opportunities and ideas that require the use of stickers.


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