How It Works Pt. 1

Part 1: Purchase & Set-up

In this article, I will explain the set-up process for Sencillo Media Instagram Services.                                           

Sencillo media packages

Instagram Services

Step 1: Select an Instagram Package
Once you've decided which duration you need, please press "BUY NOW" and then proceed to "CHECK OUT"

Step 2: Account Creation

At checkout, you'll be prompt to create an account. Account creation is required, this grant you access to your subscription, where you can manage or add more Instagram Accounts. 

Note: Payment Details are required for all packages. We do understand that some people do not like providing it for free trials. We do offer free trials set-up without payment details, however, it needs to be done manually. Please send us an email at for more information.

Step 3: Purchase Confirmation 

You'll then receive two emails; 1) an invoice, 2) an email containing link to manage your subscription. Shortly after that you'll receive another email to begin the set-up.

Step 4: Instagram Details

Shortly, you'll receive this e-mail. Please provide us as much information as you can, especially with the hashtags & competitors. The information will be use to target the correct accounts & audiences which can speed up the growth of your account! 

Note: Please make sure to provide us with the correct information. We do not hold responsibility for misinformation that can affect the duration of the plan. We also have the right to refuse accounts who we believe may be a scam, spam or is breaching Instagram T & C.

Step 5: Account Set-up

The final step is to verify the account. We can do it two ways;

a) We will ask you to change the e-mail connected to your account to  a shared e-mail throughout the duration of the service, 
e.g. sencillo.[username]

b) Manual verification via email exchange or live chat

Note: We prefer "Option A" as this will speed up the set-up process :)

Step 6: Changes & Questions

If you have any questions, request or changes that you want us to make during the service, please do not hesitate to message us! 

Either reply to our original e-mail or message us at

Step 7: Sit Back & Enjoy!!!

Once your account is confirmed, all you have to do is relax & enjoy the results. At Sencillo Media, we promise to do our best in growing your account. We utilise our tools to the best of its abilities & ensure that you are communicated throughout the process.

Note: We only provide organic growth. We do not use fake follower nor power likes in our service. For more information check our FAQs

Next Post: Part 2: The Process

Thank you for choosing our service

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