How It Works Pt. 2

Part 2: The Process

                      In this article, the process of Sencillo Media Instagram Services.                  

Now that your account is set-up, what happens next?

The Strategy

We will engage on your behalf, by liking, following & commenting.  Based on hashtags, locations & competitors

Note: You can choose which actions to execute, e.g. if you do not want us to comment, just let us know and we will do it.

Smart Targeting
With the information you provided, we'll solely target Instagram Pages that are relevant to your brand or niche. 

Note: If you find more competitors or hashtags, please send it to us at any time.

Everything will be managed & done by one of our Instagram expert. All you have to do is relax, and create great content. Have a cup of coffee or tea as you watch your page grow daily! 

We want to keep your Instagram feed clean, we unfollow daily & even after the service has ended.  You have an option to choose between;

a) Unfollow everyone followed or;

b) Unfollow everyone but keep the ones that engaged with your posts

The Outcome

Organic Growth
As the service builds momentum, you'll slowly see your engagement & followers grow in numbers. These are all real people that chose to follow you & engage with your content.

One big change that you'll notice when you subscribe to our service, is the amount of traffic diverting to your Instagram page. As we interact with hundreds of Instagram accounts daily, there is a high chance they'll visit your page, so make sure to write a well-written bio & keep your Instagram feed looking immaculate!

At the end of each moment, we will send you analytics. This'll give you a better picture of your Instagram growth & journey. 

Now that you have new followers & traffic, it is your turn to convert them in to loyal fans or customers. Make sure you stay up to date to the latest Instagram changes & algorithm to better utilize your new resources & time. We promise to do the same in our end! :)

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Thank you for choosing our service

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